At Last the September Challenge results

First up…Karma…with her Maine shots!
Evening over Biddeford Pool

a href=”” title=”Sunset at Hills Beach by osvchic, on Flickr”>Sunset at Hills Beach

Dang woman! You been honing your skillz!

Next entry is from Stphoto…

what a great shot…the light, the fun.  Classic Summer Night.

Next we have Jenfer…



I can almost smell the citronella!  I really love the patterns in the last image…a pure light shot.

Finally, me and the lensbaby tried for a more abstract impression of a summer evening…walking down an avenue, lights from the shops glowing, perhaps the smell of a little bistro tickles your nose as you pass by the open windows.  You here snippets of songs as youngsters drive by with their windows down. A moment so fleeting on the edge of summer that it is a mere memory by the time you realize it’s here.

Summer Night Challenge

Really, I was just trying to set up a shot that I am less than thrilled with.

OKAY October Challenge….Due the 15th of October…

Ready for it…
Interpret as you will.
And choose your favorite because there is only one photo allowed this time.

Let me leave you with one last summer night pleasure…

I can’t here these songs that I don’t think of summer nights and all the light delights they hold.


8 thoughts on “At Last the September Challenge results

  1. Yay! Challenge photos again!

    Karma really has been stepping it up since she got that new camera! Love the colors in that second shot.

    Love the perspective on Scott’s – really draws you in.

    Shrewbie – tell us more about the Lens Baby and what you were trying to accomplish. It is a pretty neat effect and there is a fleetingness about it. (fleetingness? is that a word?) How much control do you have over the effects?

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my skillz! The new camera deserves much of the praise.
    I was curious about the lens baby also – like what its main purpose is.
    I like the citronella flame – definitely a summer night necessity. SIGH! Summer seems to have disappeared in one big swoop and the autumn temps have arrived.

  3. I don’t know how I managed to miss this challenge, but I did!


    These photos are wonderful! Karma, I agree with Shrew…you’ve been a’growin Girl!! Congrats!

    Scott, love the movement in your photo, and Jen, the color and patterns in that last water shot are beautiful…perfect wallpaper. 🙂

    Shrew, I like what you did with yours…very abstract, looks like a painting.

    I will keep the October challenge in mind. It’s about time I start up the growth process again…gone a bit stale, I have.

  4. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Shrewbie Doobie Do. You have been missed. Hope all is well with your family.

    I’ll try for October’s challenge.

  5. And we’re back! A nice reboot, Shrew!

    You have to show us more of that lensbaby. Not sure I get exactly what you were trying to do with it. Abstract it is.

    Karma has moved into the realm of dSLR photography. The tool she has is now much better with lots of room to grow and she deserves all the credit with more to come.

    I like Jennifer’s take on summer nights. The last one is a very nice texture.

    I’ll post your challenge on my blog soon.

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