Day Two

I started the day with the must yummy breakfast at Uncle Will’s Pancake House.  I opted for the crepe special, strawberry and papaya dressed with the famous Uncle Will’s coconut sauce.  PURE HEAVEN.  Some of you who follow LBI News on Facebook, know Uncle Will’s Little Piggy have been not only a fantastic conduit to information on the island post-Sandy…but also a wonderful ambassador of fun, mirth and holiday spirit.  I can’t wait to go back.

The I meandered down to How To Live where I bought The Love Song for Long Beach Island and a LBI Strong T-shirt.  I may have to wear that tomorrow when I go to hear Gov. Christie speak.

Today, like much of NJ was cold gray and wet…and yet…I never tire of the sea.  So majestic and graceful in it’s natural state whatever the weather brings.  I am thankful for the front row seat.

This little video captures just a glimpse of what I was mesmerized by all day.  I thought it was only fitting to find the perfect song, sung by another Rosanne…Rosanne Cash accompanied by Joisey’s own Bruce.


2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Love that you’re back! And I love that you’re back there! 🙂 We aren’t supposed to go to the shore this summer, but I don’t think I can live without it. Hoping we can pull off even a short trip…finding my Soul needs it like I need air.

  2. It’s feeling good Kanni…feeling good on both accounts. Look if you can’t make it for long…may I make a plug for an incredible business here on LBI for you and fam for a short stay. The Engleside Inn. This inn is an institution on the island, but even more importantly…they opened their doors to those stranded during the storm and STAYED open housing many first responders in the days and months that followed. Just following the storm they were opening offering hot meals to anyone on the island. Talk about a backbone for this fantastic island community.

    The family owned business was recently honored by Gov Christie…

    Here is their link…

    They are on my dinner rotation this week.

    Call them and come on down LBI Is Alive!

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