Challenge photos coming soon!

In the meantime, eastcoasters that was a mighty red sun this morning!


Comment Challenge – Choose your Central Park

Last spring I had the good fortune to have a quiet afternoon in Central Park with a good friend and a camera, which led to this shot being created.  So through the magic of Nik I have made different visual scenarios from each image.  Choose one image and write a quick thought or story that the image inspires.  If you are inclined to choose more than one shot, please feel free.   Impress us with your wit, or dazzle us with alliteration…create a fantastical creature to live in the park.  Have fun…the more creative the better.  In your comment let us know which picture your story is about.

Central Park 1

Central Park Autumn

Central Park Lithograph

Through Central Park

In the Park of Central

Side by side

Just another example of how Nik Software blows my mind…I liked this shot of my niece.


But I always thought the shadows and highlights seemed too drastic and cast the wrong attitude over the fun carefree subject.  With the Viviza plugin I could just pull back the shadows a hint and lighten the mood.

Nik Plugin modified.


OOH…Scott just posted his challenge at his website…check it out here!