Comment Challenge – the story in rods and cones

Karma and I play the happy color no color war on here.  All with respect and love mind you…right, Karma?  It got me thinking about,  despite preference,  how a certain process on a photo can change the meaning of the photo.  So a little experiment…in the comments I would love it if everyone could make up a very short story about each picture here.  No more than a few sentences needed…but I would love it is each of your stories reflect how the different treatments of the image below makes you feel.

Story 1

Story 2

Have fun with this.


5 thoughts on “Comment Challenge – the story in rods and cones

  1. Picture one: Jennifer went to Bar Harbor and took a lovely stroll along the harbor walk and the gorged herself on a bread bowl full of seafood stew at the Bar Harbor Inn.

    Picture two: Jennifer foolishly traveled to Bar Harbor off-season and found that there was no seafood stew bread bowl to be had. She trudged along the harbor walk, shivering.

  2. Tis true, Shrew – I enjoy our reparte about color and such very much. (Wow I’m a poet and didn’t know it)

    1st picture: Karen longed to sun herself on the balcony of her oceanside hotel room.

    2nd picture: Karen longed for the sun as she stared out at the imposing sky and sea.

    (apologies to Jennifer for stealing her story style!)

  3. Story 1 –
    Beth and Jimmy ran as fast as their tiny feet could on the gravel path. The crisp morning air flooded their young lungs. Jimmy picked up a pebble and tried to skip it along the water. Beth stopped and nibbled on a piece of muffin she took from her pocket. Jimmy watched a gull fly over head. He took off running down the path following the gull, Beth chasing after him.

    Story 2 –
    The world stood still, as Brinny looked out across the bay. Today, he must return. Today, is supposed to be the day. It was four long years since she and Tim wandered this same path talking about this day when he would return from his time at sea. The news from Boston was the ship was on it’s way. The silence hurt Brinny’s ears. Thoughts of peril filled her mind. Brinny was sure Tim would never return to her warm embrace. Despite all this, Brinny went on waiting.

  4. Story 1
    Seth took a deep, happy breath and a wide, satisfied smile settled on his face. “You’re good, aren’t you?”, Lisa said with a broad smile of her own. Seth flashed his wide, green eyes toward Lisa and said, “I just love the first day of vacation. So excited to be here….with you. Ready to go for a bike ride?”

    Story 2
    Seth took a deep, pensive breath as his brow furrowed a bit. “You’re sad, aren’t you?”, Lisa said with deep concern. Seth slowly turned his face to her, exposing the desperateness in his eyes and said, “I just hate the last day of vacation. I dread leaving here and facing ‘the grind’. Can’t we just sit here for a little while longer?”

  5. Story 1
    Summer. I breathe in the fresh air, gazing out over the endless waters, content in the knowledge that I am healed. I look with wonder on the clear blue skies, thinking there is no place on Earth I would rather be at this moment. The memory of my babies playing on these rocks brings tears of joy to my eyes, and I am filled with gratification knowing I have done my job well. My husband’s warm finger wiping the tears from my cheek interrupts my thoughts, and we silently turn to make our way to the celebration awaiting us inside.

    Story 2
    Summer. I sit staring at the rippling, gray water, the cold wind whipping my dripping face, and let the memory wash over me. It was summer. The last time I remember feeling…what? Happy? Content? Whole? I can still see him, standing there, laughing. It was on this spot, with the ocean waves crashing, the breeze whispering through the trees, our children playing on the rocks at my feet. It was just last summer, and yet it seems a lifetime ago. In one moment, it all changed. I look. This beach is so cold now, so lonely, and I am an empty shell, without love, without hope, drifting comfortless toward an unknown future in which I must somehow find myself again.

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