Nov Challenge – Perspective

Great work everyone!  So many interpretations, so many great shots.

First up Jen.

Her Jen gets under the last hydrangeas of the season.  The backlight of the sun and the close proximity of the blossoms gives this image a wistful quality that may not have been there if Jen had shot the bloom straight on.

I just love this shot!  What a great moment between owner and pet.

Next, Scott.  Scott took the assignment to push his approach to capturing one of his expert subjects, waterfalls.  I think both images are exciting and very fresh.


This next image has such drama.


Fabulous stuff.

KD is next with her unique perspective on Halloween.

Seriously…this is the order in which I think of Halloween…chocolate, sugar, jack-o-lanterns.  This is a great example of storytelling…everything you need is right in the image. Stunning shot!

Oh…so that is what it’s like to be a fallen leaf. Such a stunning use of selective focus.  Beautiful work.

Now we turn to Karma’s offering. Karma mentioned in her email that muses have left for the cold weather, so she decided to look in her catalogue of summer pics for something that would fit.

I think a see a familial preference for flowers.

I can see why you like this Karma…it puts the viewer right there on the beach.

MusicMave said she struggled with this challenge.  I disagree.  I love the perspective she brought to this.


From the grand to the small.


to the intimate… all great shots.


Finally, here is a Beagle’s perspective on his morning walk.

Halloween can be really creepy when you are just two feet off the ground.

Well done!  So glad to be back and have everyone contributing!  Thank you all.

Next Challenge! – Due December 1st.

The Story of Family

Interpret as needed.  I ask only images taken between now and Dec 1st be submitted.  Good luck and have fun with this challenge.


12 thoughts on “Nov Challenge – Perspective

  1. Okay, working backwards…

    Shrew! Love that black and white especially. Perfect treatment for the subject. These low-to-the-ground shots are very cool.

    MM–I agree with Shrew. I think these were all well done. Love the low and close perspective of your cat most, and great capture with the dog on the dock!

    Karma…pretty shots. Now go kick some ass and tell those muses who’s boss! 😉

    Scott, gorgeous shots as always. I LOVE that second one. A very unique perspective indeed…how DID you DO that?

    And Jen, that puppy shot is my favorite! 🙂 So cute, just the eye through the fence. It reminds me of a shot I took of Mister forever ago that remains one of my all time favorites.

    Thanks for lighting our fire again Shrew! Next challenge will be a CHALLENGE…especially for me who never shows my family’s faces. Either I will have to get very creative, or I’ll wind up breaking my own rule and plastering their darling faces all over the place. 😉

  2. Love seeing everyone’s interpretations again! I’ve missed these.

    I just love Ozzie peaking through Jen’s fence. It must have been a very lucky shot because I know how fast that dog can run!

    Scott’s top down on the waterfall is awesome – not a perspective you see very often.

    KD – love, love the Halloween shot! VERY cool!

    MM – I really like the shot on the water – I think I’d like to see the perspective of the shot looking from the shore out to the little house on the dock, if you have one!

    Shrew – I can’t help wondering what any on-lookers might have been thinking as you got down to Beau’s level to take those shots! The last one looks straight out of the Adams family!

  3. Karma,
    People in my town are used to the bizaar notions of the creative…so me scooching down…nothing. In fact, funny you should mention the Addams Family. The creator of the comics series which was the basis for the TV show, Charles Addams, grew up in my town. He is said to have based the Addams House on a few houses on the street where this picture was taken. SO you called it!

  4. karma — this is my neighbor’s pier house and it’s taken from my pier house. Not sure I can get a picture from the shore as it would be directly in their back yard. Perhaps I shall ask them one day.

  5. Thanks everyone on the Ozzie picture – it was actually pretty easy to get the shot. If he’s on one side of the fence and Mom is on the other, he’s going to be watching!

    Scott – I particularly like the one looking down the waterfall also.

    KD – I am continually amazed at how your photography skills grow. These are gorgeous, especially the Halloween milieu.

    Karma – I can’t believe you cheated! But that flower shot was worth it, I guess! 😉

    MM – love the pumpkins and of course the kitteh!

    Shrew – thanks for showing us Beau’s view, great effects with the house in B&W!

    • I didn’t cheat! – I was totally honest with Miz Shrewbie and explained that I didn’t have the photo inspiration this month and that I sent those summer shots along in case she wished to include them. 😛

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  7. Ohboyohboy, it’s amazing to watch the big kids at play. Gotta learn how to do this stuff. Now I want a pier house, too – but I’ll probably settle for chocolate.

    • Gerry!!! You MUST come play with us!!! 🙂 Shrew’s next challenge is “The Story of Family.”

      And by the way Shrew…with this next challenge, you’re forcing me to pay attention. I’ve spent time every day all choked up at one point or another, appreciating the moments that I don’t always take time to appreciate. Who needs “How to live a good life” books when you’ve got a community like this reminding you to look….REALLY look….at the beauty and goodness surrounding us. Dammit all–I’m even finding beauty in my dust motes!! How freaking cool is that?! 😉
      Thank you all for continuing to inspire me in all the right directions.

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