Nik Software rocks!


Nik Software version


And Nik Software came to town and took names!


Seriously?  THat’s the same photo…Nik is Sick!


6 thoughts on “Nik Software rocks!

  1. I agree that in the 2nd two, the difference is amazing, but I don’t see a lot of difference with the first shot. A bit lighter perhaps, but not stunningly different like the other two.

  2. I hear ya Scott…I am running through Aperture on a 2005 macbook (no pro) and seems fine. It is mind blowing what can be done. I find the Lightroom/Aperture suite is more inline with cost expectations for 6 very powerful applications.

    KARMA…I put the first one in especially for you! Ye of “don’t make it look too differnent”! I wanted to show subtle changes as well as dramatic. It is slightly brighter…but the biggest change is the reduced noice from the jpg abboration in the iPhone format.

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