Guest Shutter – Karma’s Dilema

Hey all! Karma sent me the following shot for discussion here…

Karma's dilema 3

She wants our thoughts on the cropping of this one.  Better as is or closer?

For my two cents, I like a tighter crop…such as this.

Karma's dilema 2

I also set the horizon perfectly horizontal.  It’s not always easy to know how to frame a complex shot like this, but to me a straight horizon helps the eye to focus on the main subject.

I couldn’t help myself, I sharpened the poles and the island to help guide viewers eye to the main action. Oh yeah…I had to tweak the color…Please forgive me.

Karma's dilema 1

I know, I know Karma, you prefer the original color, but I couldn’t help myself.

But hey…enough about what I think…Karma wants a discussion on what you all think.


4 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Karma’s Dilema

  1. LOL…Okay Shrew. After all this time, it’s comforting to know that we still share a brain. 🙂 I looked at the original without scrolling further and thought, “straighten, crop, boost.”
    Karma—cool shot. Tricky though. I agree that keeping the horizon straight is the best bet. I have been working on paying closer attention to that in my own shots. (And my “straighten” tool has gotten a workout.) I also like the tighter crop in this case. Not sure how I would’ve framed this one if given the opportunity. I’m thinking I would have gotten closer to groundlevel on my belly, and shot straight on across the sand and water to the island, keeping the poles at the far outer edges of the frame. The angles really make this one tricky.
    That all being said, I think it’s a really neat capture! 🙂

  2. As Shrew predicted, I do like my original color. That is how I remember the day; it was late in the afternoon when I took that picture. I never even noticed the crooked horizon!

  3. Crooked horizons are easily overlooked when you are focusing (pun intended) on the foregroud. One the the things I tell people to do BEFORE they press the shutter is too look at the background and around the frame edges. There you might find distracting objects or people you missed because your attention was on the main subject.

    I like the cropping and straightening…color is in the eye of the beholder. I like mine to pop.

    Good eye and composition, karma!

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