After a much needed vacation…

I know I have been gone for a while.  The muses had been missing.  So I took a vacation…from blogging…from photography.  I wasn’t sure when I was going to return or even if I should return.  Then I received a sweet note from Karma asking if I was okay and if I intended to blog anymore.  She mentioned that she felt cut off from our community…and I do feel like I let you all down but I needed to find my balance again.  I hope you all can forgive me.

Until two weeks ago, I hadn’t picked up my camera since the end of May.  Then I went on a real vacation…just for me and my sweet beagle, Beau.  Two glorious weeks on the ocean.  Slowly I picked up my Canon and at the end of two weeks I had used up two 4 gb cards and part of a 2 gb card.  I just put my order in for Aperture and I am ready to roll.  I hope you will join me again.

Thank you all for the indulgence.

To start with…

If you are up for it…Let a New Challenge Begin!!!!

This month…”Perspective”…Send your entry to me before Nov 1.


15 thoughts on “After a much needed vacation…

  1. I’m glad you made the decision to come back! I’m also happy if my note made a difference in helping your decision.

    Perspective is an interesting challenge and one that could be interpreted in more than one way as well.

    I love the first shot with the toy soldier. I think its one of those things about your photography that I enjoy most – your ability to find a great subject in a place others might not even think to look.

    I too was lucky enough to spend 2 wonderful weeks on the beach this summer; I didn’t use up 4+ GB of memory, but did come away with several shots of which I am proud. Many times when I was lining up a shot, trying to get it just right, I heard the wise words of this community echoing in my head.

    • Thank you for the nudge. I needed it! Send me some of those shots you are proud of…let’s get ’em up as Guest Shutters!

      Thanks about the Toy soldier…I thought it was so weird on the beach like that. I wondered who did it and why.

  2. I won’t go into how glad I am that you’ve decided to come back because it will sound all sappy and gross. 😉 I blame you personally for my Facebook addiction. The bill is in the mail. 😉

    Great photos! You haven’t lost your touch. That army guy is very cool and those porpoises/dolphins, also very cool! I’ve seen them several times at the Joisey Shore, but never surfing the waves like that! Would love to visit the shore when it’s quieter…ah, well…someday.
    So glad to hear you got some rejuvenating time away from it all. I can’t even begin to imagine how overwhelmingly soul fulfilling two weeks alone would be. *sigh* I can’t get two minutes. Not that I’m complaining mind you…but two weeks?! *sigh* I’ll just live vicariously through your lovely photos.

  3. I took it that night! I posted it to YouTube last year with every intention of using it on the Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour blog, but I don’t think we ever got that far in reporting on the trip. 🙂

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