I’m okay.

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It has been the month from hell.  Okay, I lie the two months from hell…no wait, let me see since I turned 40 I have entered a new level that even Dante didn’t know exist.

  • With Mom being sick and diagnosed with Alzheimers
  • Dropping my camera
  • My computer sad mac-ed
  • Then I hit a deer and almost totaled my jeep 
  • All at the same time, work has been getting increasingly more “interesting”.  And I am using that word the same way my mom would when I would get a new hair cut and she would say “Interesting look. Is that what people are wearing these days?”  You know that ain’t positive.

Now, this folly starts to become interconnected which has led to my prolonged absence here.  Because my laptop hard drive died, I lost Lightroom.  I couldn’t find the disks for it and called Adobe for copies.  After a series of very lengthy and frustrating calls to India, I decided to abandon Lightroom and trial Aperture.  I fell in love with the application and all the free tutorials etc, etc.  I was planning on buying Aperture when I returned from seeing my niece in Maine.  Enter pre-cut venison.  

When I hit the deer a series of costly fiscal events emerged.  You see, I was in Massachusetts, on the highway, going about 63 mph when that beast leaped in front of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to be here now.  Alive.  Many including the state police, Geico and the collision center all said I was lucky and that my Jeep saved my life.  (Plug for Geico….they were amazing!!! Fast, reliable, considerate and kind. I was so impressed I put my home coverage with them.)

But back to the woahs…see hitting the deer bought me a deductible, two hotel rooms and meals, extra gas (for the vehicles!) and many sleepless nights.  So my budget tightened and viola I had o wait to purchase Aperture…still waiting.

I thought well, I can take images still and utilize photoshop…then work began to bury me.  Let’s just say I have seen more 4 am’s in the past month than I have in the past 5 years.

I started to receive all your emails and I know I should respond personally to each of you, but work has soaked up all I have.  So I thought it was high time to do an update and reach out to all of you who have inquired.  Yes, after all of this, I am indeed okay.

I am not out of the woods yet with work…in fact I am late taking off as I write this. And I am still saving up for the soft-ware (I am hoping next pay check to make the leap.)  But through all of those events listed above…most are just things.  Inconveniences and pains that heal, but that first bullet is where I try to focus effort and help my parents when I can.

Hug those near and dear ( that phrase isn’t as appealing to me for some reason)

and know I shall be back soon.

Thank you all for caring.


8 thoughts on “I’m okay.

  1. Thanks for the update.
    Life sometimes comes at us way too fast.
    Best regards to you, hope things level off soon.
    Best wishes for your Mom as well.

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