Aboard the Margaret Todd – Part One


That evening, my niece and I boarded the Margaret Todd for the sunset cruise.


Our Hotel- The Bar Harbor Inn

Our Hotel- The Bar Harbor Inn


Movie Star Smile

Movie Star Smile


9 thoughts on “Aboard the Margaret Todd – Part One

  1. Oooh, you stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn, you lucky dogs!! We’ve eaten there a few times at the outdoor cafe and it is so lovely. I particularly like the fisheye on the last two shots here. Works well with the shapes of the sails.

  2. Can we have a fisheye tutorial of sorts, for dumb bunnies like myself that don’t understand exactly how it works? So why is the curve more prominent in shots like 1 and 4 but not so much in something like “Move Star Smile”? Does it have to do with depth of field and focusing, or simply because the masts are so linear to begin with? You got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy.

    Also, I’m really digging the new site design.

  3. Whoa…some this make the boat look like a Dr. Suess illustration. 🙂 I do like the last couple very must. Some of these are a bit too distorted for my taste. The colors, sharpness and contrast are outstanding!

    What a neat excursion. Can’t wait to see the sunset as it looks like you had clear sky and wonderful light.

  4. Fisheye oh fisheye…I will do a post on composing with a fisheye.

    Yeah the last two are my favs too…On the boat I didn’t want to be changing lenses with salt air and crazy winds so I just left on the fisheye and shot away accepting the distortion as whimsicle charm.

    Jen…LOVED Bar Harbor Inn. We got such a deal and it was so lovely in the off season.

  5. I like the fisheye look best on the very last shot. Something about the sails and the bending masts works nicely.
    I will be, however, looking forward to a few non-fisheye Bah Habah shots? I get why you are so into the lens but I’d love to see some more of your beautiful composition without the distortion.

  6. Okay, time for a little honesty here. I rented the fisheye so I used the fisheye. So if you are waiting for “regular shots” I am afraid I don’t have them.

    I find when I am in a creative funk the distortion challenges me to seek new ways of composing images. In addition, my niece has very similar lenses, so she was shooting with what I normally would. Albeit, the distortion is not everyone’s favorite thing, it is one of my favorite things. I really dig the look like some people dig the look of tac sharp images or unedited or color or B&W or HDR…it is a means of creative expression. So while yes I would say I was using a gizmo that I rented and rending every once out of my dollars with the use I must defend my choice of purposefully renting the fisheye for this trip.

    I find travel destinations with vistas such as Newport and Bar Harbor have an unrealistic surrounding grander that I like capturing with an ultra-wide lens like a fisheye. It’s a personal choice.

  7. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve there, Shrewbie! No need to defend your choices; it is your site and your photography afterall! 🙂

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