Mark Erelli

Tonight just off of Central Park West, in a 4th floor walkup, I saw Mark Erelli perform.

The kitsch was all around Mark as he delighted us mostly with new and unreleased works.

Erelli is one of the most generous performers I have had the good fortune to see.  He, like Ellis Paul, comes from the Boston Singer/songwriter tradition.  His work is moving and thought provoking all sung with intimate passion.  

You can check our Mark’s work at his website  or by searching youtube.

Oh and Mark was kind enough…sick and all…to a mini- shoot with me. I was deeply honored to capture these while Mark just played.  AMAZING!

Thanks, Mark.


7 thoughts on “Mark Erelli

  1. It was such a great night. Very New York.

    I rented another one. Last year I rented a 8mm which was awesome, but had that weird circle image with black edges so I was doing a lot of Photoshopping. This type I rented a 10mm with a “square frame” it is easy and simple. I am quickly falling in love with Fisheye photography.

  2. Like the fisheye effect !
    Love seeing what people with skillz capture through a lens – T.Y.
    Gives me an idea for anniversary gift for son & d-in-law too !

  3. Looks like someone really needs to buy a fish eye this year!

    Great stuff Shrewbie! Love the third from last one the most.

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