ETA: Aperture’s integration feature is very cool!  That is such a cool savings of time.  AND projects and albums and smart albums SWEET.  Maybe Lightroom had this, but the tutorials aren’t there to show me.  Day one results…very impressed.

Okay so it’s been a while.

I am STILL rebuilding my laptop and I am in a dilema here…Adobe won’t replace my disks for Lightroom. They are insisting I buy the upgrade.  Which I just don’t get…will the upgrade work if I don’t have the original software loaded?  The whole process has been excrutiating…a whole week of back and forth basically with India to be denied and told spend more money.

Apple has been awesome through this whole experience even replacing the faulty harddrive and chipped laptop case all for free…so I am leaning toward switching to Aperture 2?  They have earned my good faith, but I don’t know many people who work in Aperture.

Let’s here it guys…which should I buy?  What do you use and why?

Keeping in mind I am pretty pissed at Adobe’s horrible customer service.


3 thoughts on “Grrrrr

  1. Here’s a personal review of Aperture…

    I’ve used it for two years now and it’s great. Is it NOT Photoshop. It’s a photo management and editing system. Think of it as iPhoto on steroids.

    I do all in Aperture 2 and then added a few plugins for uploading to Smugmug, nosie reduction and exporting files. I find the editor easy to use and the heads up displays great when using full screen mode.

    Does it have things I want improved? You bet but it’s only in version 2 and it can only get better. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other Apple applications, Apple TV, iPods and iPhones.

    I like things that just work and good customer support, don’t you? 🙂

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