Joe McNally and Edumacation ing

If you have not visited Joe McNally’s blog nor read either The Moment It Clicks or Hot Shoe Diaries let me be the one to introduce you to this amazing photographic genius.

Joe McNally is from Joisey too…okay that isn’t his claim to fame.  Joe ‘s work has graced the covers of some of America’s biggest names in the magazine industry…you know magazines that made photojournalism cool.

Magazines like…LIFE, Sports Illustrated, ESPN and the famous Yellow Frame, National Geographic.  One can’t describe Joe’s style because it is so versatile…

He can make you cry, laugh or plain see the truth with his skill as a photographer. He also has a wicked sense of humor!

Well, imagine if you can this guru of capturing light now giving you lesson one on the basics of taking better photos. You say you can’t even begin to imagine this spectacle for the ages? Tell ya’ what I’m going to do…Through the magic of youtube brought to you is square one from the man himself….Da Grip.

Sheesh…one grip gives you one F/stop or one speed of film?  WOW!

and let’s give Nigel his day too…


Please take a moment and see Joe McNally’s project “Faces of Ground Zero


2 thoughts on “Joe McNally and Edumacation ing

  1. Joe’s is one amazing photographer. I enjoyed his first book, read his blog and am just starting the Hot Shoe Diaries. It’s great that photographers like him share all their secrets, experiences and knowledge with all of us.

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