Lucky 13

Last Saturday Night, Lucky 13 opened up for KJ Denhert.  These three singer/songwriters remind me of The Roches.

Kathy Kreger


Susan DeVita

Marci Geller

With very sweet harmony and wry wit, Lucky 13’s songs sweep around the listener like a color chiffon scarf, soft, pleasing and packed with sublte colors of meaning.

Check them out at


3 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. I feel like I didn’t capture Susan DeVito well enough. She was under a really hot white light and anytime I decreased the exposure, the result was a blurry image (not artsy blurry, more like you know crap about photography blurry). I have a set of Tiffen Lens filters like this one click here that I wish I brought for her.

    And YES, Indigo like too.

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