K.J. Denhert – The Band

Mamadou Ba – Bass

Ray Levier – Drums

Etienne Stadwijk – Keyboards

These guys rocked the house…and took us to church!

Seriously, RUN don’t walk over to http://www.kjdenhert.com/  and take a listen.


5 thoughts on “K.J. Denhert – The Band

  1. Okay…you’ve found your niche. These are gorgeous.
    Did you use a tripod? They are tack sharp, and with that low light…..if you didn’t, I need to know your secret.

  2. I was using my tripod and remote switch to get the steadiest image. I wish I had a wider aperture on my lens, at 300mm this one only goes to 5.6, but I can’t afford to drop mega bucks on a prime telephoto with 1.8 or even a 2.4. So for now this is is. YES, this is my passion photographic musicians and trying to capture what they sound like visually…you know what I mean?

  3. Okay, wait…they look sharp to me. The ones that aren’t look like they aren’t supposed to be—implied motion and all that jazz. I’ll have to look at them bigger I guess. They look awesome here.

  4. My favorite is the second to last one, of the bass player. The play of light and shadows on his face, and how you composed and/or cropped the shot…awesome!

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