Out of Commission

Sorry guys I have been missing of late, mom is back in the hospital.  I am typing this from my parents old G4.  I am not sure when she will be discharged, either way I hope to have my computer by the weekend.

Keep working on the challenge and call or hug a loved one today!


8 thoughts on “Out of Commission

  1. Aw, come on Karma!!! You can do it!!! *chanting* NEWNEWNEWNEW!!! 😉
    Use it as a good excuse to escape reality for awhile…Tell your family you’re going grocery shopping…”I’ll be back in an hour!” and go sit in your toasty car somewhere with some hot cocoa and shoot the sunset. It’ll do you good!!! (Trust me…I tried it last weekend. I felt like I had gone on a vacation. Except I didn’t have to say I was going to the store…I used “homework” as my excuse to escape.) 😉 I had been in a funk, and the time alone with my camera and the pretty scenery snapped me out of it…really.
    Sorry…I know you didn’t ask me. 😉 I just had so much fun all by my lonesome self, I thought I’d pass the idea along. And you can use the challenge as an excuse rather than the grocery store if you’re the honest type. *tee*hee* 😉

  2. Thanks KD! I have been in a photographic funk as I mentioned when I didn’t participate in last month’s challenge. Time is running short and I’ve taken a few shots – just not sure if I can make them work for the challenge. Now tonight the northeast is expecting another major f#$%^ing snowstorm!

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