it’s everywhere

I was walking Beau this morning and practicing for my photo class…then I noticed this.

Liberty Travel has been a fixture on my town’s main artery for decades…now like many other shops and cafes and companies…it’s gone.

ETA: Based on KD’s and my discussion I decided to upload the SOOC shot.


For discussion…the same scene without people processed similar to the one above


and the SOOC of the same shot


7 thoughts on “it’s everywhere

  1. I love this photo Shrew! Can I steal it and submit it as mine for this week’s homework assignment? šŸ˜‰ (Just kiddin’!) You’ve given me an idea though!

    Sad to see so many long standing companies closing, isn’t it? Methinks it’s about to get a whole lot worse. And I hate to say it, but the economy isn’t going to get too much “stimulation” from my household with the extra $7 a week in tax relief we’re expecting to get. We certainly won’t be going on any vacations this year—good thing we took two last year! Those vacation memories will have to last awhile. We’ll be unpacking our camping supplies again though. I might be able to afford a new tent if I save up that tax relief money for 3-4 months. šŸ˜‰

    (Sorry if I’m being “controversial.”) *tee*hee*

  2. First of all, the balance is perfect. There’s a central focal point that disappears into the distance, and yet the action is in the right hand third of the photo…you’ve followed the rule of thirds both horizontally and vertically, and what I love is that it appears to be all “accidental.” One of those shots that just happens spontaneously, and yet you’ve framed it perfectly…
    Plus, it’s tack sharp front to back, but you’ve captured the movement of the people walking.
    The framing of the Liberty Travel sign is at the very top edge of the photo, nearly perfectly straight, also not easy to get right when you’re on the move.
    Black and white treatment is also appropriate given the busy-ness of the surroundings…It helps draw your eye where you intended it to be drawn. Great shot Shrew!

  3. OOOOH….yeah longer shutter speed, stopped down aperture and…TRIPOD all helped. I took a few shots…mostly without people crossing and the image had no drama. So, I waited for people to cross the street and there it was.

    Confession, I did have to crop just a hair. There was a distracting lamp post base on the far left that was stealing the focus. I did also straighten the photo in Lightroom. I will update the post with the SOOC so you can see the difference.

  4. Liberty Travel is also closing (or is already closed) here too. I agree that the foot traffic here does add drama to the shot. Would you have any interest in posting one of the people-less shots for comparison?

  5. For me, my focus was immediately drawn to the people. I love how you captured their movement, and without the motion blur, it would lose a lot of its impact. I love the vantage point you chose, too. Kinda like from Beau’s point-of-view.

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