The Body Surfer


5 thoughts on “The Body Surfer

  1. Sorry, Shrewbie, but I gotta say “Ewwww!” on this one – man boobs and wet hair, I just can’t look anywhere else!

    On a totally different thought, any chance of extention on rule of thirds? Do you have many submissions? I haven’t been able to snap out of my January photographic doldrums just yet.

  2. Awe…no love for da man boobs?

    Karma…I will try later tonight. Work has been a BIG bear…I have not had a chance to do my thirds challenge or Scott’s challenge because of all of this.

  3. I haven’t done my thirds challenge yet either. I could definitely use some more time. I think Scott’s challenge is a great idea too, but I just haven’t gotten out there to try it.

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