Brighten, Sharpen, Crop and Rotate

I took this shot last summer and have always loved something about it, but as it was it just didn’t have the power visually.


So with the recipe above of brighten, sharpen, crop and rotate; and adding a digital matting to the image I believe it works just a tad bit harder.

I would love to know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Brighten, Sharpen, Crop and Rotate

  1. That is an amazing effect. I don’t know if the rotate part added all that much to the shot but the sharpen and brighten sure did. You can see so much expression in the boys faces now.

  2. Shrew, the rotate is totally messing with my brain!!! LOL
    I love what you’ve done with it…the coloring makes much more of an impact, doesn’t it?! I would love to see it with a black matte too, to compare. These boys were awesome subjects, and I agree with Karma that their expressions are so much more prominent now.

  3. It’s hard for me to compare as the last boy is cut off in the top photo and the first boy is cut off in the second. So it doesn’t even look like the same photo.

    However the clarity of the boys is dramatically better.

  4. I like the composition…although I might try maybe a bit more of the ocean…removing the kayaker if you want, but that large wave which would be photo right in the flip might be nice.

    The brightening of the boys is wonderful – you can see more of their expressions, but they appear to be oversharpened to me

  5. Brc – the boys are cut off for you? Do you mean partially or they are missing? If one is missing in each shot, I’m wondering if you have some odd setting for your computer screen.

  6. Must be your browser or operating system, brc? On my ancient dinosaur ibook the image is cut off. On my big pig PC, running Vista and using explorer, it is a full image.

    Great improvement, Shrew. I agree with Ann…maybe keep some more of the big waves.

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