The Other side of the Boat

or Tender Behind


5 thoughts on “The Other side of the Boat

  1. I so agree. I just have to laugh headed toward you it is full of promise and meditative reflection; facing this way it is nothing more than a cheap joke

    …much like my dating life.

    Thank you, remember to tip your waitress!

  2. Shrew, you slay me. 🙂

    It’s funny, but I wonder if I might have liked this one a little more had I never seen the first one. Because it’s like my brain is rebelling, screaming, “turn it the other way! the other way was much better!” But if I had nothing to compare it to, I may have simply said, ‘ha! that’s funny.”

    Seeing it from behind is creating a disjunct in my mind. I still am retaining the meditative feel of the previous one, but now part of me is forced to acknowledge those two words at the back of the boat. And them twos don’t mix.

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