Guest Shutter – Karma “The Moment”

After the discussion on the previous post I received the following from Karma…

 I’d like to share this picture with you.  I never posted this picture, or did anything with it, but I was never able to delete it either.  Its a moment caught this past summer of my girls doing something simple.  Sarah is helping Meghan pick those tiny annoying little velcro-like weed seeds from her shirt after a silly seed-throwing “fight” with me.  I don’t think they ever realized I was doing it, neither of them look at the camera.  But the picture got to me somehow.  Perhaps it is only because I am their mother, but I felt like it was more.  Maybe a little touch of capturing that humanity you mentioned in your comment at the end of the post.  Its not a spectacular photo by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Stunning. A complete narrative of a very tender moment between two sisters.  It is so simple and pure a scene, yet carries the weight of humanity with the casual intimacy of the subjects.

I was so compelled with Karma’s stunning image, I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to play in photoshop.  Karma is kindly letting me post it along with her stunning original.


What I was trying to achieve with the slight manipulation in photoshop, was a singular focus on the narrative of Karma’s image.  By removing the color, I hoped to remove distractions of greens and blues.  I also hoped to make the girls the lightest part of the image therefore attracting the viewer’s eye.  Lastly, I chose a sepia tone for the warm qualities to match the warm sentiment of this moment.

Either way…The Moment is in my humble opinion a brilliant shot. Thank you so much Karma for the honor of posting this here.


6 thoughts on “Guest Shutter – Karma “The Moment”

  1. I like both as they both “tell a story” – and the more you [I] take time and look, the more you see.

    The color in the first is soft and lit by summer and just evokes that feeling of a warm, lazy summer day of youth.

    But, the second, does bring “focus” to the activity.

    I see more of a story in the first, but a more focused story in the second.

    For me, I love when a photo or any piece of art, tells a story…a story that resonates with me. I had this discussion with a watercolorist friend of mine regarding why we each like what we like as far as art – in the context of viewing a juried show and she was perplexed as to why here painting was included.

    I read this article recently and find myself going back to it as people comment on various things they like on my blog and I find myself perplexed as to why that photo?

    Luminous Landscape: Audience

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Shrew. I knew there was a reason I could never hit delete on that one. The more I look the more I like your photoshop treatment – it feels like it is freezing a moment in time, of a time in my and my daughters’ lives that is slipping away far too quickly for me.

  3. I do love a slice of life, candid photo like this! I often try to capture them but my camera is too slow and I get caught, or the light is too low to catch it without flash. I especially love this shot because those are my nieces! I can’t believe how fast they are growing up. One of them is already taller than me!

  4. Great capture. I like how they are unaware of their photo being taken. And even though we can’t fully see their faces or expressions, it still shows such feeling. I like both the color and b&w…hard to choose one over the other.

    I like how the dog managed to be in there too!

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