Brooklyn Baby, Brooklyn


13 thoughts on “Brooklyn Baby, Brooklyn

  1. Okay, so I’m just gonna copy and paste my comment on Flickr!

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! This is one of your all-time best….Look at the clarity from top to bottom, front to back…and the angle is spectacular. And the streak of the train? Awesome! Love the color treatment too. WOW!

  2. Wow really? I have such a hard time looking at my archuitecture images and seeing beauty. This was a “oh gee I don’t have anything new to post..heck let me throw this up” kinda thing.

    This was on the boat trip with Ivoryhut and I had get this, just figured out how to change my aperature on my 40D…yes, pathetic I know. This is why I am taking a class.

    So let me throw this out…People or inanimate objects…which is your favorite to capture and why?

  3. Ooo…good question. Makes me think a bit…I want to say people, because those photos are my most cherished. However, inanimate objects don’t MOVE so, I find them a bit easier to capture. I DO know that I enjoy taking close-ups of inanimate objects much better than scenes…I always feel like my wide angles are so cluttered.

  4. I used to think that I didn’t like photos without people or animals in them, but have learned to love landscape and even appreciate some architectural stuff.

    My landscape is rural and wide open and I’ve enjoyed learning how to capture that so it appeals to me without people or pets…

    But the question…people or inanimate…Toss up for me between the up close/fill the frame faces or pets vs landscape…

  5. I think my answer to the question goes back to somethings I’ve mentioned before: what’s your mood that day? what were you trying to accomplish with the shot? My moods definitely affect my feelings about taking pictures. Take right now, here in the bleak of January. I don’t know if I’ve taken a picture at all this month except to finish off my 365 project. I’m totally uninspired, and remember having trouble with this last year at this time. I don’t have any idea what my subjects will be for the rule of thirds challenge either. Inanimate objects like flowers can improve my mood, especially when they pose nicely for a picture! Catching my girls in a simple moment can do that too. For trying to capture a memory, I definitely like people shots. For experimenting with lenses, settings, light, etc, I generally find inanimate objects far more cooperative! When’s the due date of the challenge again?

  6. Interesting…I am most moved by photographs that capture the essence of humanity. So I persue those types of images more often whether a person is in them or not. The above photo to me is a pretty picture…not compelling nor does it have a narative thread. Other images…such as the Boat from a few days ago seem to say more to me, they invite a narative thought. And you know, I just dig it when peeps are in my photos.

    I read in a National Geographic Field Guide that most great photographers have a personal mission…I am honing mine…Infact this is really sparking a new post. More to come later.

    KD my class starts Feb 1.

    Ummm…January challenge…Due January 28th.

  7. Excellent clarity and sharpness on this, Shrew. I took a similar photo, and it’s not as uniformly sharp as this one.

    As for your question, you know my answer. 🙂 I’ve always preferred non-people shots. But lately, I’ve been gravitating towards portraits. That’s a good sign, right?

    So excited for you and your class. I know you’ll have fun and really make the most of it. I’m seriously considering taking one, too. I may opt for a hands-on seminar while I’m away (again!) sometime in March or April.

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