One of the toys Santa delivered was the Spy Lens from Photojojo…  And this was the first shot.

It’s a bit blurry and I am not so sure that isn’t user error.  The color is photoshop at work to dazzle the eye and forget it is an out of focus image.  Hopefully soon I will have better examples.

ETA: The Super-Secret Spy Lens!

It is a 90 degree extension zoom to your lenses….check out the cool flash film of this neat lens in action at the Photojojo store by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “Reflected

  1. This spy lens could be good for those of us who are too intimidated to aim our camera at people we don’t know. Did your nephew know you were taking his photo?

  2. Yeah he knew. Which is why it’s fuzzy, it takes some time to find the sweet spot of the reflection…so he was moving to get into the sweet spot while I was moving to find the sweet spot.

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