11 thoughts on “Dad

  1. I really love the black and white treatment on this photo…He should’ve been an actor, because he has one of those faces that is well suited to any of a number of distinctive/man-of-authority roles! Don’tcha think? 🙂

  2. Ooooh…Scottish. Then he’s listening to the Bay City Rollers? “We have a piper down!”

    Shrew, what treatment did you use, if any, on this? His eye pop like with P’Dub’s eye sparkling tricks.

  3. Well I did steal from PDub actions!

    I do the Kelby Cuves and LAB adjustments. Then I did the “Sharpen THIS” action on Dad’s eyes and infamous brows. Then I whitened his eye whites ever so slightly. Applied a reduce noise filter and finished with Black and white application.


  4. Ditto what KD said. He looks like an actor. He could play a younger Sean Connery’s dad. I can see it now – doesn’t he look like he could be Indiana Jones’ grandfather? 🙂

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