Photography and Fitness


After much soul searching, I realized that to push my photography to the next level I need to get in better shape.  One of the things that blew my mind when IvoryHut and I took the boat trip with Rick Sammon was how physically fit Sammon is.    I mean you could bounce quarters of any part of that man.  I would just eat them.  

I took mental stock of what are some of the times I have lost out on the winning image…most have to deal with “I am too tired to go way over there” or “I just can’t bend the way I need to get this image” or my personal favorite “If I squat to get this I will either fart, pee in my pants or both.”  I have the power to change these to, “Let me just run over there for this one shot”, “Just two more inches to the right” and “look at this great shot I took from down below”.  

Admittedly, sorting out all the fun physical issues such as extreme GERD and finding out what caused it all in the first place…darn lactose; went a long way to bring me to this moment.  This  morning I went to my local Y and took my first class towards being a healthier and better photographer.  The class is called WillPOWER & Grace.  It’s meant to improve balance etc working major load baring joints and all 58 muscles in your feet…what is does is breaks you down to a limp pool of flesh that can only mutter “uncle” every other breath.  I was assured it make me stronger….notice I did not say it will get easier.

But I do this in pursuit of being a better photographer, person and live longer.

I will keep you posted.

Pray to what ever deity for me.


10 thoughts on “Photography and Fitness

  1. Go for it, Shrewbie! You succeed at what you put your mind to, so I am sure you will do great. May I also recommend the Wii Fit? I got it for Christmas and it is a lot of fun. I know you love gadgets!

  2. Congratulations Shrew! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” May every single step of your journey be blessed.

  3. Wait a minute…a class called “Will and Grace”? You’re just sitting around watching old movies and critiquing the wardrobes, aren’t you?!
    Kidding, I kid.
    Good for you, Shrew! Your photography is so good already, I can’t imagine what we’re in store for when you can walk those extra steps and bend without peeing.
    You go girl!

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