NOV Challenge Results: FILL THE FRAME

Better late than never…Sorry.  You all did a splendid job.

First up is IvoryHut…and her beautiful macro world

Next is Jenfra’s live up close…
First, a close up of Ozzie!

Second, mmmmmmm, bread!

And third, I cheated and used an old one because I never came up with a third but I always liked this one. (we were supposed to do three, right?) Sage from last year’s garden:

I think we will allow that kind of cheatin’.

Now, we turn to KD, who fills the frame with holiday cheer.  I swear that Nutcracker’s eye follows me.

Whose next?  How about Karmardav with terrific patterns of randomness.  I want one of those cookies!

Here’s Renae…with not just fabulous shots…but a great question for the comments section. “Macro Vs. Fill the frame”? Discuss!

And here is STPhoto with some amazing captures…ST I am so glad you have joined our group!

Scott, thanks for showing us various ways to fill the frame…including a landscape shot.

And here is my humble late attempt….

Great work everyone.

December’s Challenge: Reflected light – interpret however you will and have fun!


13 thoughts on “NOV Challenge Results: FILL THE FRAME

  1. thanks for a great challenge! Looks like everyone gets it when it comes to creating a photo with impact by filling the frame. Whether you do it in the viewfinder or in post-processing, keep it in mind when you are doing photography or working on your photos. You’ll get a lot of ohs and ahs from your admiring friends and family.

    Hmmm…reflections. I might be going to a place where I can find those. 😉

  2. I feel put to shame by everyone’s captures. What beautiful shots everyone!

    I’m not sure what we should be discussing with the “Macro vs. Fill-the-frame” – what’s the question? What do we like better?

    And another question from me (call me clueless today): as I am sitting here typing my comments, it appears to be snowing at the bottom of my screen, down where it says “blog at theme by Andreas09” Is that a little winter add-on to the blog?

  3. Karma…I love the subjects you chose. You found order to the randomness of things!

    The question is…Is all fill the frame macro in feeling or…do you hone your fill the frame skills with macro work?

    And Yes it is snowing here…thanks to Worpress and Ms. Hut.

  4. Karma, shame schmame! I loved your creativity in choosing your subject. Especially liked that second shot of the leaves. Nice sharpness.

    I enjoyed everyone’s shots. Jen, that Ozzie photo was great! Put an instant smile on my face. KD already knows how much I’m liking her latest shots. That first one is my favorite of your submissions. And Renae – oh my. I don’t even know how to pick a favorite. All those shots were simply gorgeous. Seriously.

    Scott, welcome! How cute is that young boy? And your sunset shot – beautiful. You just showed me another way to fill the frame.

    Shrew, interesting question there. I remember that when I sent you my submissions, I was thinking I took the easy way out and just did macro. I think learning how to fill the frame is more challenging when you’re not doing macro. Maybe it’s just me, but when I shoot macro, I naturally tend to fill the frame. But, as your awesome shot of your beautiful niece shows, filling the frame works well even in non-macro situations.

    I think filling the frame has the same effect as macro shots – the viewer is forced to focus simply on the subject because, well, there’s nothing else to look at. Or at least the other stuff is clearly secondary. Maybe that’s why we tend to lump the two together.

    I’m still not sure what feeds what – if macro work helps you hone your fill the frame skills, or if learning to fill the frame elsewhere is what makes you better at composing macro shots. It probably works both ways.

  5. I honestly wasn’t looking for a plug on my photos, but thanks anyway! I guess I just feel like the colorful beauty of many of the shots puts a dimmer on my choices.

    I guess the way I looked at fill the frame, macro really didn’t occur to me when I was taking my shots. I tried to think of “multi-item” shots to fill the frame with, like the example you gave when you originally gave this challenge, I believe, was an overflowing apple cart. So that may make my pictures slightly less random; they are all shots of a bunch of stuff to fill the frame with.

  6. Interesting answers!
    I threw this question at Shrew because I find that when I am filling the frame, I am in macro mode probably 80% of the time. I didn’t know if that was because I use a point and shoot with quite limited settings, or do DSLR users find themselves in that boat as well? Or is it just because of the subject matter I have chosen, like Karma mentioned. I really like Hut’s “who came first the chicken or the egg” theory. They really do seem to feed each other (macro and fill the frame that is).

    Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I totally cheated too and submitted slightly older photos. Not too many sunflowers blooming in November around these parts.

  7. Okay, first I have to ask hut what that third photo is – bristles on something, alien landscape, perhaps? It is so cool, whatever it is! And that apple photo is startlingly beautiful. Apple Computer should pay you for rights to use that in their advertising.

    Also, I wanted to say that I didn’t notice the snow until I happened to get to KD’s cheery photos and I thought our KD was so clever that she animated her shots or something!!!

    Thank you, hut, on my Ozzie pic! Just for the record, he really was laying upside down like that – I didn’t send in the picture upside down, hee hee.

    Karma – I loved the cookies and the leaves! What is the other one – bread chunks for the caramelized onion bread pudding?

    As for the question, I have to admit I stopped when I was taking pictures of the bread and wondered myself about macro vs. fill the frame. I take a lot of food macros for my blog, so I kind of felt like I wasn’t exactly challenging myself. I was looking for a better subject – like Karma mentioned with the piles of apples, or I think KD or STphoto had a nice one of pumpkins, but nothing presented itself. In the meantime since I sent my entries to shrewbie, this one did present itself, but I guess technically it is just another food macro!

  8. Sorry I’m late to the party!
    I love all those macro flowers! And, as always, I’m learning something new because of the variety presented.

    As far as the macro vs. fill the frame question….I think I was a bit uncomfortable submitting my last two shots because my original fill the frame “study” was a full shot of many things…the pumpkins, the apples. So I found myself wondering, “Do these closeups count???” So I know just what karma was saying. I found myself wandering around my house aimlessly, looking for “bunches” of things. Couldn’t come up with anything interesting enough. Then rationalized that a single item could fill the frame if it was up close and personal. So I’m thinking that singular items must be macro if you want to fill the frame, whereas multiples can be panned out a bit to still get the desired effect? Is this true? Anyone, anyone?
    By the way, Scott…I never would’ve thought of a landscape being able to meet the requirement, yet you’ve proven me quite wrong! You are a splendid teacher…I too am so glad you’ve joined in over here! Thank you!
    Oooh…and the new challenge, Reflections! I’ve been a bit obsessed with that topic lately! Should be fun!

  9. To me it doesn’t matter whether it’s macro or otherwise. I don’t own a macro lens but do get in close with lenses I do own. There in lies the key…get in close.

    Most people when they are beginning to use a camera don’t get close enough and have lots of space around their subjects. By thinking about filling the frame, you naturally get closer either physically or with a zoom or telephoto lens. Macro lens do make you think in this way as that’s how you think of using them.

    Can you get too close? Yes. If you are taking a portrait of someone, you have to leave room for cropping to standard print sizes (8×10 or 11×14) as most cameras don’t take photos in that ratio.

    You all did an outstanding job and thank you for your comments.

  10. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really, truly think that everyone’s skills have improved over the last year. I’m very impressed at everyone’s submissions.

    Nice work!

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