No Need to Fret

I know Shrew will be charging in on her White Horse to save the day with some gorgeous, quality photos again any minute, but while we wait, I thought I’d drop another quick post.  It’s COLD here…22 degrees this morning.  Yesterday was frigid, and I had to opt out of my light jacket and into my bulky warm one for the first time.  We have brown everywhere, and snow flurries popping up throughout our days.  Winter is quickly settling in and yesterday in an e-mail, the question arose, “What do you photograph when lacking inspiration in this month of dullness?”  (I’m paraphrasing…)  Color is gone, snow isn’t here yet, decorations aren’t yet hung…it’s a pretty lackluster month in many ways.  Some fabulous responses came through those e-mails, and I thought it would be worth developing a list of November photographic inspirations right here at Shrew’s place.  So, here are the wonderful ideas already presented, and please, please, please add yours in the comments. 

November Inspirations while we wait for Christmas/Winter beauty to arrive:

(Courtesy of brc)

  • kid fingers and toes
  • try taking photos of a car driving by but move the camera so the car is still and the background blurred
  • the moon (see Ivory’s post on Pdub)
  • in the morning go outside and look for things with frost on them
  • still life of some fruit on the table
  • try some black and white portraits of the kids — just their faces — play with the depth of field
(Courtesy of jen)
Some funky macros of everyday things around the house:
  •  Nubby fabric
  •  dog & cat parts
  •   liquids in glasses
  •   hardware around the house
(Courtesy of Ivoryhut)
  • silhouettes of leafless trees against stark, ominous clouds right before a storm.
  • sunrise and sunset
(Many thanks to karmardav for starting the discussion!)
 And in the meantime, here’s a sample of the beauty we have to look forward to:


7 thoughts on “No Need to Fret

  1. Nooooo! Not snoooooow! I’m not ready yet!

    Here’s another idea: how about the world as your child or pet sees it? Which typically means getting down on your hands and knees, and shooting up.

    Of course, I have no pet here, and my child is all of 6’2″. So for me, I’ll likely be shooting while perched on a stepping stool. Hmmm … on second thought, that might be an interesting experiment after all. Plus, I’ll have an easier time reaching for those cereal boxes above the refrigerator.

  2. I have been having great fun and success with Ivoryhut’s “moon tutorial”:

    this morning’s MT Moon

    And here in the north country, even though no snow yet, the light this time of year can produce spectacular effects:

    Evening Light Photo

    I’m also working on a couple season series things – the road to my house in various seasons,
    a specific mountain view, a lake view. I find it interesting to view the photos – sometimes easy to forget the specific beauty of even the starker times.

  3. Wow, KD – thanks for continuing this into the blog post. Nice to have the ideas collected here and hopefully more will arise in the comments. Ooh – I still have to take a picture today! I’d better have another look at those ideas!

  4. Thanks Kanniduba – it was an incredible evening show…

    A little off topic, but I was just thinking about that light and got to thinking about the Northern Lights – aurora borealis. I’ve seen them here but not since I got serious about photography. When they are visible, they are normally visible for several nights in a row.

    I’m wondering about how best to capture them – I will do some research, but if anyone has hints, I’d love to hear.

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