Suggestions Aplenty!

From my cry for help of Saturday, I received some great suggestions on how to improve my macro mum shot.  Thank you all for the shooting tips, as well as the “correction” tips.  Haven’t had time to really experiment with the ISO and white balance settings yet, but intend to.  Think I’ll put Light Room on my Christmas list….

It’s very interesting to see the differences in “fixes” from different people.

Here is the original:


Shrew sent me these…

mums-the-word-noise-reduct with Noise Reduction applied

mums-the-word-nr-curv-and-lab Noise Reduction, Curves and Color Lab

And then there’s these from Sherweld:

untitled-21  PhotoShop fix

untitled-3 PhotoShop Fix with Crop

And, finally, this one from IvoryHut:


Which one suits your eye?


8 thoughts on “Suggestions Aplenty!

  1. I actually like Sherweld’s Photoshop fix the best (without the crop). It looks most natural to me. I feel like Ivory’s fix looks oversharpened and loses some detail (sorry Ivory).

  2. Hahaha. Brc, no need to apologize. You have such an eye for what looks natural that I was pretty sure you’d pick up on the obvious Photoshop edits in my attempt to make the flower pop more.

    The photo *is* oversharpened, in trying to compensate for the blurriness. I should have been less lazy and sharpened more carefully. I do like how Sherweld brought out more details (did you use the shadow/highlight adjustment, Sherweld?) in the flower, and how Shrew brought more light in.

    MM, this was such an interesting exercise! I love seeing these different takes on the same photo.

  3. Fun exercise to see several variations by others. Thank you MM for that. We never stop learning, eh?

    Yes Ivory, shadow/highlight only. I messed with sharpening a bit, but it only seemed to accentuate the noise (particularly with the S/H settings)

    In this photo the noise and/or soft focus didn’t bother me as much as the somewhat “flat” light. I felt that the “pop” which MM was seeking would come from a more 3D look.

  4. Wow! This was terrific! I loved seeing everyone’s take on this photo. I also like the pop in Ivory’s photo…*maybe* a bit oversharpened, but I like it anyway. (Y’all know I have an oversharpening problem myself…apparently, I’m drawn to that look though.)
    That being said, I love the light that Shrew brought in, and I love the color that Sherwald brought out. Thanks to everyone for sharing your expertise.
    I just may take your lead MM and throw in a few needy photos of my own…I could get me some edumacation too! 🙂

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