KD says, “Shrew and Ivory Need This BAAAAAD!”

Our friends over at Photojojo have sent me an e-mail today!  (Yeah, yeah, so what if the rest of you have received the same one.  Let me have my “pretend-you’re-special” moment please!)

The Spy Lens!!!   (Ooooh…doesn’t that sound mysterious?!) 

Check out this nifty little bugger!

Our resident spies SO need this lens!  I might even need one.  If I had me one of those lenses, I might be able to avoid photos like this:

Go ahead…add a caption!  You know you want to!  😉


7 thoughts on “KD says, “Shrew and Ivory Need This BAAAAAD!”

  1. I got that email too but I hadn’t bothered reading it until you mentioned it in this post. I would totally love that lens too. I wonder if there is a version to use with my adapter tube for my SLR wanna-be.

    My caption: “Henry, why is that girl taking my picture?”
    “I don’t know Margaret, stop looking at her!”

  2. Ooh! Karma, you have an adapter tube? What size? You soooo need to get a Raynox DCR-250 if you want to take some great macro shots. I gave in an ordered another one. Sigh. I was still hoping to find my old one, but finally accepted the fact that it’s lost forever.

    Brc, I’m the same way! I get so nervous that I take hurried photos, so most of them are blurry or poorly composed. Shrew has such a knack for these candid/street photos. I’m jellis.

    I used to tote a right-angle viewfinder when I used to shoot film and do photojournalism, but the camera is still pointed at the subject. This contraption looks interesting.

  3. Self-conscious…that’s me too! That photo up there was ridiculously horrible because I took it so fast. And then I was like, “Ohmagod! She looked right at me! Ohmagod!!” I can feel my heart racing just *thinking* about it! I don’t know how Shrew does it. So that’s why this little gadget spoke to me. 🙂

  4. Phyllis: “Earl, why has this girl been following us around all day? Did your wife hire a private eye again? You told me you were leaving her! You lying bastard!”

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