October Shutter Challenge – BRC Non-conformist Autumn

Today on a day when some of us have had 6 inches of snow…yes…I do not lie!  Brc’s submission is greatly welcomed…it brings me back to sweater weather…of yesterday.  No really…literally…yesterday I was in a sweater!

The Pink Gerber and these puff ball thingies are stunning!


6 thoughts on “October Shutter Challenge – BRC Non-conformist Autumn

  1. No processing at all. Not even iphoto. The flower has that dreamy look because it was windy and I had the shutter open wide so it got slightly blurry. The puffball things are actually what’s left of some coneflowers after the petals fell off and they froze.

  2. Yeah, what karma said!!!! But I think that first one is my favorite. Very nice!
    Yeah, and that snow went to Shrew and missed me altogether! Not a speck of it here, but they got a foot of it about twenty miles up the road. Crazy!

  3. Wow brc! Ditto what Shrew said. You don’t need no stinkin’ editing software!

    I love the first one. So simple yet so interesting at the same time.

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