October Challenge Spotlight – MusicMaven, Autumn: Below the belt

Alright…below the Mason-Dixon Line, but it’s not as funny.

About to Burst


Mums The Word





These are lovely!  I love the composition, particularly, the pansies.


SO FOLKS I have received some creepy images for our Mini-Challenge, and they are skin crawlin’ creepy.  Remember, to email me “Spirit of Halloween” images by Wed. NO LATE ENTRIES!




5 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – MusicMaven, Autumn: Below the belt

  1. Okay, pansy photos in October…it’s just not natural! 😉
    Measurable snowfall is predicted for my area tomorrow night…I may be posting snow photos Wednesday, and Music Maven’s watering her pansies. N-O-T-F-A-I-R!

    Anyway, I love the framing on these photos MM! And the colors are beautiful! That last one is my favorite. *she says while adding another throw blanket over her feet*

  2. Pansies are a plenty down here right now. Although the low tonite is expected to be 37…a might chilly for us in October.

    Sneaux!?! yikes. I’ll be up in North Carolina, so maybe I’ll see some. Likely, next week when I’m in Boston or DC or Richmond…

  3. Love the light coming through the purple and yellow pansies.
    Hey MM, I had a cat named Pansy growing up. Just thought you’d appreciate that little tidbit.

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