October Challenge Spotlight – Shrew Phones This One In

Okay, for a variety of really awesome reasons, my Canon 40D and all my memory cards are tied up with images.  As of this morning, I had not completed my own challenge and peak color has hit Joisey.  While I walked Beau, I whipped out the trust iPhone which has a lens akin to an ultra wide lens and shot away.  None of these photos have been processed by Photoshop…iPhoto only.  I hope these don’t disappoint.

6 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – Shrew Phones This One In

  1. Gee, not all the sharpness we are used to from you, Shrew, but dang, girl, those are nice – I didn’t know the iPhone had that capability.

  2. Please please PLEASE tell me you are lying and that these really weren’t taken with the iphone…I want one SOOOOOOOOOO bad now!!!!!!!! *whine*whine*whine*whine*

    I LOVE that fence post picture!

  3. The beauty part is that fall in the Northeast does a lot of the work for us! While these pics aren’t as sharp as your usual, they certainly have your excellent point of view.

  4. At 2MP, the iPhone does a great job for when you don’t have your camera handy. I like to use it for “I Was There” type of shots. Like most camera phones, you need lots of light for best results. Oh, yeah, the iPhone is a lot of fun and so so useful.

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