October Challenge Spotlight – Welcome Scott Thomas!

Everybody…meet Scott.  Scott has jumped into our community with two feet!  He found us via a KD comment on another super talented wordpress photography site, Gaye Johnson!  

Please also check out Scott’s photography blog.  Beautiful stuff!

Letchworth (NY) State Park, Middle Falls

Lake George, New York

Corltand (NY) Pumpkin Festival

Pie Pumpkins

Crates Of Pumpkins

Yowza, Scott what a bounty!  Thanks for sharing.


5 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – Welcome Scott Thomas!

  1. Thank you shrew for showcasing my photos. I got to show some of the ones I took last year before I started a blog.

    KD, here’s a tip to improve your photos (you’ve probably heard it before): Fill the Frame. Most people don’t do that and leave alot of space around their subjects.

    I remember when taking that last photo that I had never seen so many “perfect” pumpkins in one place as I did in Cortland last year.

  2. “fill! the! frame! fill! the! frame!” That is very good advice that I think I should chant to myself when I go to shoot now.

    My favorite is the last pumpkin shot. Amazing sharpness and color.

    I’ll be sure to go check out your blog, Scott.

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