October Challenge Spotlight – Sherweld’s Western Fall

Folks, another brilliant entry!!!!  And there are more to come…if you have sent me your entry it is cued up to go, if not…there is still time.  Now take it away Sherweld.

Wow, Sherweld these are spectacular.  The covered bridge is my favorite.


6 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – Sherweld’s Western Fall

  1. First let me say the covered bridge is lovely. I’m not a big fan of photoshop effects, but this is very tranquil. Reminds me very much of Old Sturbridge Village and the covered bridge there.

    Is critiquing okay? Something about the leaf shot bothers me. I think it is because they look sort of artificial with whatever effect was applied to them. No offense meant; just my humble opinion.

  2. Whoops, submitted before I was done. I was going to say, I think the bridge shot is fabulous. But I too am not a huge fan of the softened effect. I bet that shot is just as gorgeous SOOC. Sherweld, whatever treatment you applied to the leaves, I like it very much. I think they look very sharp.

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