October Challenge Spotlight – KD’s Autumn Harvest

KD, these are all so wonderful…I couldn’t choose.

Beautiful Maple tree on Zan’s Uncle’s property…

More yellow…

I have no clue what these berries are, but they were quite lovely…

More of the Uncle’s view…Have I mentioned I want that property?  😉

The view at one of the lookouts on Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY.

Apple picking…these apples were WAY high…that’s why they hadn’t been picked yet.

Some local back roads…

Another Prospect Mountain shot…

And another from a different lookout point…this one shows a larger section of the lake and an area called “The Narrows.”  There is a series of little islands through here that are fantastic for primitive camping.


WOW! I am torn for favorite…yellow leaves…oooh no…apples….WAIT hay rolls.  I can’t choose.


10 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – KD’s Autumn Harvest

  1. KD these are amazing. I agree with Shrew… it’s impossible to pick a favorite.
    Everyone has done an amazing job with this challenge!!!

  2. I know! Everyone has totally out done themselves…and there is more…I have three more great responses waiting to be published. So if you haven’t done one (hint, hint brc) there is time!

  3. KD, I love love LOVE the hay shot. I want to enlarge it for my dining room!
    All of these really are incredible, but that hay is speaking to me.

  4. Thanks everyone! I really can’t take all the credit…God put on a particularly beautiful show this year here in the Northeast. I’m glad you like that hay shot! So did I! I stopped right in the middle of the road and backed up to take it. *tee*hee* Big Girl said, “Mom? Is this legal?”

  5. Hay there! 🙂 Yeah, that’s my favorite too. Closely followed by the last two shots. So beautiful. Most of my views here are ruined by stupid power lines.

    I love the yellow leaves, too. Almost abstract. Beeyooteeful shots, KD!

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