October Challenge Spotlight – Autumn At Renae’s Fingertips

Renae, these are fabulous!  I am speechless.


7 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – Autumn At Renae’s Fingertips

  1. Okay, Renae…these are truly stunning. I can’t even pick a favorite! I’m leaning toward that coneflower photo with the pumpkin headed dude in the background though…very cool foreground with an even cooler background. Fabulous! 🙂

  2. Nae Nae… All I can say is WOW! These are beautiful…. all three of them.
    I think the first one is my favorite… the lighting, the depth of field, the colors.

    Very well done 🙂

  3. Oh, oh, oh. That first shot is absolutely lovely. Perfect composition, and love the shallow depth of field.

    That pumpkinhead dude in the second shot looks sad and lonely sitting there all by himself. I think he could use some company. 🙂

  4. Thank you peeps! As always, you made me smile.

    The gourd photo was from my daughter’s preschool pumpkin picking field trip last week. I quickly took about 4 shots (the hay ride wagon was getting ready to leave without me!) and this was the best of the four. I punched up the contrast and saturation just a very little bit.

    The last two were from my trip to Pickity Place with Karen and Jennifer. The second one is cropped to make the scarecrow dude more prominent. And the third is SOOC.

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