October Challenge Spotlight – Autumn Through Karmardav’s Lens

Karmardav, takes on  a delightful Autumn day adventure.

My favorite apples, Macouns. I wait excitedly for these each fall.

Mr. Karmardav assists Sarcoldav in reaching apples while Megmardav looks on.


Coneflowers in bloom
Mystery red berries; they could possibly be from a flowering crabapple after consulting with KanniDuba about her masthead this month.
Old farmhouse in my neighborhood
Closer look at the pumpkins and milkcans
Overlooking a brook on a warm autumn walk
Looking up at the colors
Well, done…I can almost smell the sweetness in the air from cider and donuts.  
Karmardav’s entry is the only one I have received…so, it’s not to late!  Get them in.

6 thoughts on “October Challenge Spotlight – Autumn Through Karmardav’s Lens

  1. Crap, I totally forgot about the challenge! How could that happen??? I’m sorry, I will send mine later today Shrew.

    Karen, I love the brook one, that is my absolute favorite.

  2. Karma these are lovely. Cool angle on the apples. The brook is my favorite too! You live in a beautiful part of the country.

    Sorry about the Red Sox. I stayed up to see the end of the game. I really thought they were going to pull it off again. Philly/Tampa Bay World Series — Yawn.

  3. Karma!
    The brook is also my absolute favorite! 😉 And that coneflower is gorgeous as well!
    I LOVE Macouns too…we usually do half a bag of Macintosh, and the other half with Macouns, but this year the Macouns were picked clean. My friend Anywho managed to pick one golf ball sized one! lol

  4. Thanks guys! Those of you who left me a comment about beautiful autumn light when I was feeling blue about the change of seasons, you are so right. I keep seeing things that I might not have seen the beauty in before I became a member of the “shrew community”!

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