The Ballad of Bob and Little Guy

This is Bob.

This is Little Guy.

Everyday I would go down to the beach with my book and a snack.  The moment I brought out my snack, ob and Little Guy would appear.  They would play this odd little game to see who could get the closest to me without me noticing, all in the name of a getting a potato chip.


Taken with 70-300 mm lens


8 thoughts on “The Ballad of Bob and Little Guy

  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh. My goodness. I can’t even decide which of the two photos I like more. They’re both incredible. How are you not on National Geographic yet?

    I’d buy any of those prints without hesitation.

  2. I think its great how “little guy” looks like he’s trying not to be caught looking. “Me? Looking at your potato chip bag? Oh no, never! You must be mistaken!”

    That makes me think – maybe sometime we could do another “caption contest” in the comments. The regular crew cracks me up with their sense of humor.

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