Something to crow about…even though they are gulls

Guys, when you get a chance, go over to Joe McNally’s Blog…a great post about photography.  Look for the Tom Hanks Geena Davis exchange. Epiphany worth stuff here.

You are viewing Honorable Mention in the wildlife category of our local photography contest.  My first win!  I blush


9 thoughts on “Something to crow about…even though they are gulls

  1. What a capture! CONGRATULATIONS. Woo Hoo. Our Shrewbie is winning photography contests.
    It’s beautiful. Having the gull in the foreground out of focus makes the whole shot.

    Nice Job!!!!!!

  2. Aw, I hope you didn’t take that personally. My point simply was, WOW! It’s amazing how some skillful cropping can take a less loved photo and make it SHA-ZAM!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Congrats again.
    And I’m sorry my “twin” didn’t win you a prize. *tee*hee*

  3. Your first of many, I’m sure. I remember this photo! I loved it then, and love it still. I think it’s National Geographic-worthy stuff. I really do.

    You are getting closer and closer to convincing me to bite the bullet and get a 40D. 🙂

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