Shutter Challenge – Fish!





Karmardav…Yeah we will be having some of this in Newport.

Welcome to Ken.  This is his “Fish Out Of Water”  for more explanation please visit Ken’s Blog


Renae – love this!  The lighting is fantastic!

And the “WOW!” Award goes to…



Nice work everyone!  Next month’s challenge…BOATS, due Sept 10th.


This just in from MusicMaven…


BRC has sent in this lovely little fishy…or was his name dinner?


6 thoughts on “Shutter Challenge – Fish!

  1. Lots of nice ones here! Shrew, what exactly is yours? I love the light in Renae’s too – such a serious portrait of cute little fuzzy toys!

  2. Wonderful shots, everyone! Welcome, Ken! Brc, was that you fishing?

    KD, you already know that I think that shot is awesome. Jen is making me hungry. Shrew, you mean those fish were on clear glass? Cool effect, pal!

    Renae, love the pose and the dramatic lighting. I can almost imagine the scene: “I know we’re different sub-species and all, but if loving you is wrong …” then hit the spotlight and cue the music.

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