Three Dudes ~ Revisited

Last year I took this and fell in love with these little guys…yet the SOOC just didn’t do them justice.


Three Dudes - SOOC

Three Dudes - SOOC

I had tried fixing the image the first night I had Photoshop…well, let’s just say I wasn’t happy with what I had done.

So, tonight I went back in and I believe enhanced the image just enough, without going over board with Photoshop.  


Three Dudes, Today

Three Dudes, Today


Bonus, if you provide captions for each “dude”!

Happy Friday.


7 thoughts on “Three Dudes ~ Revisited

  1. I remember these little guys!! This is beautiful Photoshop work Shrew…perfect! I love how they POP!

    Little Guy #1: “Hey, guys! My feet! I lost my freakin’ feet! Where’d they go?!”

    Middle Guy: “I don’t know and I don’t care…I’m cold. Keep it movin’. We’ll find your feet later.”

    Little Guy #3: (in his high little squeaky voice) “I don’t know where yours are, but here’s my feet, right here guys…guys…my feet! I see my feet right here, see? Do you see? No lost feet here. Whew!”

  2. Great job, Shrew. 7PS? Love the disappearing act on the people in the background. Beach sand is so forgiving with that!

    Middle Dude: “Dooood…I can’t believe you punched me in the gut like that. I am soooo gonna get you while you are sleeping tonight.”

    Right Dude: “See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!!!”

    Left Dude: “What the? Ewwwww! What did I just step in??”

  3. Nicely done. I agree with KD… love the way the boys pop. I also love the focus on the boys by getting rid of the extra people. Is there any way to lighten up the background? The houses seem unusually dark given the lighting in the rest of the photo.

  4. I agree with brc – I love the “pop” of the boys, but I’m not crazy about the darkened houses; I prefer the misty look of the buildings in the first picture.

    First dude: “Ready? I’ll race you back to the house!”

    Middle dude: “I’m like gonna be sick! You’d better run!”

    Last dude: “Ew, were you sick already? I think I stepped in it!”

  5. I can lighten them up. I was trying to frame the boys using a darkened version of the homes, but perhaps I went too far.

    I am loving everyone’s take on the dudes…here’s mine:
    Read right to left

    Right Dude:”Aunt Lucy and Mom are going to freak when they see your stomach.”

    Middle Dude: “It’s just a scratch. I’ll put a t-shirt on right away they won’t even know”

    Last dude: (singing to himself)”Timmy scatched is sto-mach, sto-mach, sto-mach! Timmy scratched his sto-mach on a big ugly shell and it’s bleeding. Mom is going to see his sto-mach, sto-mach, sto-mach. Mom is going to see his sto-mach which is bleeding and she is gunna freak!”

  6. Love the “pop” as well. The middle boys suit really draws you in.

    Right Dude: “Hey, when we get to the pool, you wanna play Marco Polo?”

    Middle Dude: “I dunno. Those four hot dogs and chili fries that I ate gave me a stomach-ache. I think I need to find a bathroom.”

    Left Dude: Frankie’s gotta make #2…wooo…

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