Best New Read…

World famous photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Rick Sammon, shares the keys to taking great photos of people.  

My copy came today from Amazon.  I have just begun to dig into this but I can tell already that Face To Face will make me a better photographer.  As the Seven Point System opened up the world of photoshop for me in one night…Face To Face has already changed the way I think about shooting people.  Even more brilliant, Sammon has created a guide that allows everyone, including point and shoot photographers, to take better portraits.  He shows how to light creatively with given light or how use of fillflash in the sun.  He gives the basics of take three (you will need to get the book to find out what that means). Creating great group shots. And most importantly, he gives the basics of working with your subjects.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in taking better pictures of people…you know like your family.

I fell in love with Chapter 1 so quickly, that I went online and pre-ordered, Rick’s next book…

I heard an interview with Rick Sammon on The Digital Photography Show (Yes, I love these guys), and he spoke about this book.  The premise is based on taking the best photos with your camera.  This is not a photoshop book.  I can NOT wait for this one.  According to Amazon, my copy is supposed to ship around Oct 1.  WHOOOO!

In the meantime, I will be like Linus, carrying around my copy of Face To Face like it’s my blankie!


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