Mother and Child


7 thoughts on “Mother and Child

  1. Add this to my list of your favorite photos, Shrew. The colors are out of this world. I love the mother and child being off to the side, and the crash of the waves? You couldn’t have clicked at a better time.

    Also, it seems like a small thing, but sometimes it can ruin a shot and turn into a big thing. The mother is wearing navy and white which works REALLY well with the colors in the water. If she had been wearing warm colors or a crazy ass print, it would have been too distracting.

    Love it.

  2. Nice wave and a great catch! Is this what its like at the Joisey shore? Perhaps I will have to go there one day.
    Nae – Will you advise me on clothing when I finally get my family portrait at the beach done? Wouldn’t want any crazy ass distractions!

  3. Karma, my friends had a family portrait done at the beach. The photographer asked them to wear white polo shirts and faded jeans. At first they thought it sounded corny, but you know, those photos came out really good. There’s something about a crisp white shirt, clean jeans, and being barefoot in the sand that just looks nice and refreshing.

    Shrew, lovely photo. Let me check the color of my pea. 🙂

  4. I agree, hut! I have seen many portraits like that and they look great. You don’t want to look at a lot of them all at the same time – then they do seem corny!

    Shrew, I am going to echo the rest of the sentiments here and say I love the composition and the timing here! And I am totally up for a trip to the Joisey shore! SGDT 2009, perhaps?

  5. ooh, yeah, jenfera SGDT 2009 Joisey shore! Then KD and Hut would definitely be able to join us next year while still being drive-able for the MA contingent!

  6. Now that is a possibility….
    As for the photo, love the color of the water. It definitely isn’t easy to capture the water…I should know since I just spent a week attempting to do just that, and failed miserably!
    And I have to mention here, as I did on flickr…this could be me with my son in the photo. When I first saw it I was so confused! I was thinking, “How the heck did Shrew get this shot of me???? And why didn’t she say hello??” LOL My daughter says it’s my “backside twin.” 😉

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