New Challenge – FISH

Any kind of fish…live, plated, painted, in the freezer.  Anyhow, and way you can take pictures of fish.  Due August 8th.


9 thoughts on “New Challenge – FISH

  1. As someone who is terrified of fish, I actually welcome this. Or maybe that’s because a friend of ours has an interesting aquarium and I already asked permission to shoot their fish.

  2. OH MAN! I just came back from an awesome week at Cape Cod. There must have been a fish or two in my path. Hee hee. I’ll see what I can come up with around here. Hut, I feel your fear…if this had been a frog challenge I would have had serious issues.

  3. Hey, speak for yourself! We didn’t all fail the last challenge. I made an attempt. Not a great attempt, but an attempt! 😉
    Unfortunately, I just came back from a long weekend at the Cape and neglected to take a fish picture. Duh! And I don’t leave for Maine til Aug. 9th – day after challenge due date. Poo!

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