One more time…

So here was the original…

and the all too plastic look…

So after all your comments, I went back to the drawing board and here is the latest…

It still has the some grain, but more contrast.  I even played with a vinegnette

Thoughts?  And be honest…I am learning here.


6 thoughts on “One more time…

  1. i loove this much more. i like that you kept some noise in this one and brought back more shadows. i also think the vinegnette adds a nice touch, makes my eyes stay inside the important part of the picture. maybe too much though…maybe if you pull back a bit it won’t be such a noticeable addition.

  2. I totally agree. The last one with the vignette provides a nice balance. As dynamicmusings pointed out, the noise improves the photo a great deal. And I really like the vingetting.

    Very impressive.

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