Small, but I still like it



3 thoughts on “Small, but I still like it

  1. I like the first also, but something looks a bit off to me in the 2nd – the edges of her face have an unnatural looking reddish tone. Her hair is highlighted a bit more in the 2nd, which I think would be nice to be able to see even more of it.

  2. Yeah this was taken over a year ago at the BlueNote in NYC. I found it while cleaning some files. The resolution is horrible so there is not very much information. The reddish tint is the lights hitting her. I would love to show more definition of her hair, but it just isn’t there. That being said, I still love this shot. Her face is so stern. To me this is the album cover I would have shot if I had been a photographer in the 70’s when album covers were an art.

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