Rescue Photo

Now for years I have been reading articles or seeing folks taking family photos and scanning them for a good ol’ revival healing session within Photoshop. Cue* Bringing In The Sheaves.

PS- love this guy, he rawks!

Now, I have not really payed all that much attention to these articles, until today.  Our own MusicMaven sent me this image of her husband being held by his father.  Great photo, but the noise, some crackling, flaking and dog ears really detract from the terrific and meaningful subjects. 

Now, I read like a demon…

And this is where I landed today…I have not heard from MusicMaven yet if she likes it…do you?

I think is may have too soft a look.



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9 thoughts on “Rescue Photo

  1. Thank you Shrewbie Doo. Sorry I haven’t answered yet. Weekend duties, ya know.

    While it looks ALOT better, perhaps too good. His Dad looks a bit plastic. Can you soften the face a bit?

    Oh and LERVE the Beach Photo. Is that Papa and Mamma Shrew?

  2. I hear ya MM…Like I said I may have over smoothed. I will keep working on it.

    And No, that’s not Mama and Papa Shrew…but belive you and me they cut a few beach rugs in their day.

  3. Maybe if you brought back some of the shadows and redefined the teeth? The teeth thing really makes him look kinda like a Ken doll. You also kept most of the important shadows, but lightening some of the darker ones makes it too cohesive in some ways, not “contrasty” enough. it says mural to me instead of photograph.

  4. Also, something to consider. I realize you are trying this to make the subjects the focal point instead of the age of the photogrph, but perhaps not all noise is bad noise? I think some remnant, toned down noise, might actually enhance the photo, lending further attention to the subject while retaining a nice, antiqued, well-loved image feel.

  5. I agree with dynamicmusings about leaving a bit of noise in there…I love the character of old photos and the sense you get when looking at them…taking out all the crackly age tends to lend the subjects an unreal air…as though from a storybook rather than a living, breathing someone from the past.
    That being said, I am amazed that any program and artist can do what you just did! Quite amazing! It does remind me of my mother’s graduation photo…she was beautiful as she was, and yet they painted on some lipstick and rouge….she looked airbrushed somehow. This reminds me of that.

  6. Ladies…meet my niece…dynamicmusings. Dynam…you are so correct in your observations. In my eagerness to make the impact quickly I glossed over some rudimentary points in photo preservation.

    KD…I know have images of Poor Mr.D’s dad with rouge and lipstick.

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