Inside one model’s mind

I tried to take this month’s challenge with Beau tonight…well, I’ll let him tell the rest.

Oh man, she has that thing in her hands again.

Nearest exit is where?

Seriously Mom, do you really need to use the flash tonight?

I think I need to just go with this tonight. She’s so not stopping.

Alright lady, where do you want me?

I am not digging this whole “on the couch with the blanket over my head” thing.

I wonder if there is cheese in the kitchen?

You know what, I think I have changed my mind.  I don’t want to be a model anymore.

I Am Getting Frustrated!!!!

Okay, get my agent.  We are so done here.


4 thoughts on “Inside one model’s mind

  1. Were you thinking of trying to imitate the famous photo of the Afghan girl with the piercing eyes? I thought of trying to do that with one of my girls, but I have this feeling she wouldn’t stay serious for the photo shoot. I’m at a loss for this month’s challenge. I think I will just have to sit back and enjoy everyone else’s work this month.

  2. haha I love shot number 4. Save that for beau’s lifetime special. the first one of him under the blanket calls to ind the new Sarah McLachlan commercials for rescuign animals. “in the arms of the angel….” he’s really working the sad puppy eyes.

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