Can you guess what this is? Hint* It’s Very Rare

ETA: ANSWER BELOW…Don’t scroll if you still want to guess

The creature in question’s name given by her owner is Leyla. She is an indonesian Amorphophallus titanum or more commonly known as the Corpse Plant. This is the largest flower species on earth. When it blooms it emits a powerful aroma of putrid flesh to attract flesh eating insects for pollination. Good thing is only blooms every 17 years or so.

The “petals” do resemble cabbage, but the purpose is to look like rotting flesh. I must say though not fully bloomed the order was staggering when I entered the cafe. (WHY A CAFE WOULD HAVE THIS ON DISPLAY I HAVE NO IDEA!)

Proud Papa!

If you have the chance to see one of these, I recommend it. They are truly a wonder and a great reminder that one man’s nightmare is another man’s baby.


10 thoughts on “Can you guess what this is? Hint* It’s Very Rare

  1. LOL…MM’s Little Shop of Horrors…indeed.

    Shrew, I love your photo of looking back into the cafe through the window and the owner standing next to it. It gives us some perspective on the true size of that plant and the light is very nice as well.

  2. I’ve heard of this thing! But, uh, yeah – a cafe is not a good place for one!

    Very cool pictures – an excellent series with details and context.

  3. I have heard of this strange, scary plant too. I feel like there was a write-up recently when one bloomed.
    The photo looking back into the cafe is great; I love the unusual mood it creates – I feel like I am spying on a scientist with his beloved creation.

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