New Shutter Challenge – “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Okay, this has been a wild wacky week!  Including…getting three gigs as a photographer.  My first assignment was for the office and was well let’s just say pro-bono; but it sparked this month’s challenge, so all was not lost.

As you know I work in advertising…and we presented ad concepts to the client this week.  One ad concept featured a woman sitting on stairs.

(Due to the confidential nature of ad concepts, I have stripped out all of the things in the ad but the woman and stairs.)

The client loved the work but wanted to see the ad with a man instead of a woman.  So I was asked to take a shot of a man for the ad concept.  He needed to be lit and seated just as the woman is above.  Easy, right?

Not quite.  Light is fickle and positioning is ever so complicated.  No studio…oh yeah and no stairs.  This project taught me to focus in on things I had never thought of while doing my street photography.

Here is the SOOC

Photoshop for color and contrast

Then I turned this file over to our team in the imaging department to marry with the elements of the ad.

Not bad huh?  Actually, I see about 1,000 things that I would love to fix.  But to show the client…good enough.

So this got me to thinking about the task of imitating a famous image…where literal or in tone.

This month, your challenge if you choose to accept it is to take an image from The Magnum List of Photos that changed the world  or from this list and reinterpret that image.  Send me the original “famous” shot and the name of photographer and your interpretation of that photograph.

Sound like fun?

Sound like a challenge?

All submissions are due by JULY 6th.

Good luck and have fun!

4 thoughts on “New Shutter Challenge – “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  1. Fun isn’t the word that came to mind when I looked at that group of photos! Wow, Shrew, quite the challenge you have chosen, and I have my doubts as to whether I am up to it.

    Glad you are back. Must have been a crazy week at work. Props to you for getting the photo gigs!

  2. Holy great job, Shrew! Outstanding actually. I hope the client is happy.

    And holy challenge! I too am a little daunted by this one. But hey, that’s why it’s a CHALLENGE, right?? I will give it a shot and do my best!

  3. Can I just say that, although I am still out of commission, I am really looking forward to this challenge? What is it about me that makes me more keen on shooting for the moon than aiming to just make it to the nearest pharmacy? 🙂

    Another thing. Shrew, that Photoshopped dude? Your skillz are so bright I gotta wear shades, gal. Really impressed with how crisp and vibrant it is compared to SOOC.

    Hey, maybe if they keep letting you do more photo stuff instead of lame meetings, the DJ won’t be so “S” anymore.

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